Be The Change You Want To See Part 2


Earlier in a previous post we spoke about Nick the plumber and how he was transforming his life and taking major risks by quitting his 9-5 day job to start his own company. I’d like to follow up on that post with some more inspiration as he has been expanding his company and moving into new areas for service calls. To do this he decided to invest in the website to expand his search reach and in doing so while he is still having trouble keeping up with all the obstacles of starting a new business. His previous campaign for the Brentwood area has so far been successful and it doesn’t look like anything is going to slow down in the foreseeable future. My hat goes off to Nick and the success and change he has brought into his world.

Lets think about what is means to have consistent success day in and day out. First you have to ask yourself what success is and how to categorize an activity as being successful. Of course everyone will have a different opinion on what success is and how it’s defined. I believe success is any action that is taken regardless of the outcome. This definition is probably different than the definition you were taught in school.

“Success is any action taken regardless of the outcome”

It’s easy to be lazy and blame everything on the world around you. Its not easy to stay consistent. Even if you are someone who decides to blame everything on the world around you, everything external that for some reason is conspiring against you, but that in itself requires effort doesn’t it? Isn’t that still taking action, just in the wrong direction? So in actuality being lazy requires effort. So you might as well be directing your efforts in the right direction, toward one of your goals that you have written down.

Being the change you want to see means doing the things that you are not doing. This will take some serious effort and serious consistency. Every day action should be taken toward the success that you wish to achieve. Small steps, lead into miles so don’t underestimate those small steps that are trudging through the mud. These steps are the most important. You will hit strides along the way like Nick where everything seems to be coming together. Everything seems to be moving forward. The more momentum you build in these strides the harder it will be for the mud the slow you down.

When we are being lazy we are simply committing ourselves to staying in the mud and that in itself will wear us down over time making it harder, and harder to free ourselves from the hole we have dug out. We have all done this, it is a part of life and the people who can find the extra step each day to pull themselves out and ahead of the rest. Do you know that person in your life who got caught in the mud, put in a bad situation in life and has been there ever since?

Don’t let that be you. I am sure Nick talked with his co-workers at the 9-5 he terminated about starting a company and being their own boss. How many of them are still there?

Probably all of them.

If your not consistent, you’re dead in the water!


Is the title of this post true to you or not? How do you feel when you read this, “If you’re not consistent, you’re dead in the water”! Do you feel the pinch of truth in this statement? I hope you do, as I do. What does is say to you? Are you finding yourself stagnant, void of motion? Void of motion in the right direction? Because its impossible to be void of motion. That is the only truth I know of – change. Everything is constantly changing. Perhaps very slowly, so slow it is not visible. However, the subtleties are what transforms matter. Time is a major factor here, and you can bet, change is always occurring.

How can we see the stagnant part of our lives when we are looking for change? Of course, I only speak from my own experiences, but putting ink to paper is the best course of action I have taken in locating stagnation in my life. This means doing an audit on your daily activities. Studying your daily routine and being completely honest with yourself about it will open up new insights into your life. These are windows into your soul. Yes, your soul. So take head when studying these insights.

The profound nature of you human ability to adapt to strenuous environment will propel you to have success and experience things imaginable. Take hold of your innate ability to cope with harsh environments, as it waits patiently for you to awaken this power within.

Go! Be Free! And Live Your Dreams People!

Thanks for reading.

Be the change you want to see.


Yes, I said it. Be the change you want to see in the world. Ever heard of that one before. I’m sure you have, but has it set in yet? Probably not. Now what can we change to see the change? Lets start with an example. A friend of mine has dreams of owning his own plumbing company. He had been working for a large national plumbing company for many years. However he always knew he could do the same thing and have his name on those all those service vans. He quit his 9-5 and now owns which he has been taking service calls from for a few months now. He has no choice but to be successful with his new endeavor. That consistent check from the Lee company is not coming in the mail anymore.

Nick decided to be the change he wanted to see in the world. It started with a dream, and now he is living that dream out. Now, it may not be pretty in the beginning. Customers do not just come to you out of the blue asking for business. He is taking a big risk, being that the majority of small business’s do not make it past 3 years without going under. Coincidentally, it takes most business’s 3 years to break even and start turning a profit.

What are some steps you can take to achieve you dreams? Do you have aspects about yourself that you wish to change or perhaps be better at? I can say yes and will most likely always say yes to those questions. There is always something we can change within, to become a better version of ourselves. Whether that means quitting your 9-5 to start your own plumbing company like Nick did or just getting up and hour early to write down your goals and dreams, you can begin to start generating the habits to become the change you want to see. Let me give you a list of what I want to see a change in regarding my own life.

  • Waking up at 6am every morning, regardless of what time I went to sleep the night before
  • Writing down my goals everyday, and making actionable steps to achieve them
  • Exercising and stretching everyday, either running or lifting weights
  • Reading more books, becoming a scholar
  • Creating multiple streams of income for myself and family
  • Becoming financially independent

These are just a few of my goals that I can become better at. Small disciplines create large returns in the long run. If I can become a master of my waking state then I can achieve goals I never thought possible. This is a belief I have about the world we live in. Never give up on your goals. It’s not worth it. Never surrender to the status quo, it’s not worth it. If you start with the small goals, like getting up an hour early each day until you hit 6am, then you can move down the list, like exercising every morning. By reaching you first goal of getting up earlier you will be setting yourself up for success when it comes to having the time to exercise.

Meet you goals, and never give up.

Know your audience.


Where are you located? Do you know the people in your area that are looking fsilhouetteor what your selling or promoting? Listen, you need to know your audience. Understand them. Where do they hang out? It can’t be that hard to find. Most cities are set up the same way. They are either at home, at the office, or out spending money. However, the you find out about where they live, where they work, and how they spend their money, the more informed you will be when it comes time to sell or promote your product.

Who is your audience? Dude if you don’t know your audience then pick one. Start eliminating the outsiders that are not going to be your customer. Do this everyday. Eventually you WILL be in front of your target audience and start 10x’ing you time spent throughout your day. Gain information and translate that data into sales. You can literally turn it into a math equation. What is the best way to market your product? Probably the internet! I mean let’s be real here. The internet enables you to get in front of every single person in the world basically. The people with money any ways, and the people with money are looking to spend it on something with value. Create that value, and turn it into a product or service.

Know your audience, be authentic, and start getting in front of your customers.

Have an opinion.


As I write this I am listen to Grant Cardone, the master of sells. He is on his podcast talking about Donald Trump and what we can learn from him. Essentially Trump closed on the biggest deal you can attempt – the Presidency. How did he do this when he has never held office before? Grant has said in the past, if you want to win the presidency first you have to get half of the United States to hate you. This builds enough leverage from the other half to push you forward and past the competition. He did this, and he totally blew away his competition. What else did he do during his campaign that was completely unorthodox? He spoke bad about the competition. Every chance he got he destroyed Hilary’s reputation and her political career. Was this ethical? I would say no, but did it work? Yes, obviously.

Have an opinion. Trump had an opinion, many opinions, and what this did was make a clear side for people to get on. It immediately divided the people and created massive controversy. What is it that you rememeber about the campaign? Which one of his opinions do you recall the most? Probably either:

  • Build a wall
  • Muslims are not getting into the country
  • Mexicans are rapists

Now, I don’t believe in any of his opinions but how did it help Donald? It got him free advertising. After stating his opinions, because the were so radical and he had such a big following, he got free advertising. It gave him MASSIVE amounts of free advertising. All because he decided to pitch authenticity and have an opinion.