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As I write this I am listen to Grant Cardone, the master of sells. He is on his podcast talking about Donald Trump and what we can learn from him. Essentially Trump closed on the biggest deal you can attempt – the Presidency. How did he do this when he has never held office before? Grant has said in the past, if you want to win the presidency first you have to get half of the United States to hate you. This builds enough leverage from the other half to push you forward and past the competition. He did this, and he totally blew away his competition. What else did he do during his campaign that was completely unorthodox? He spoke bad about the competition. Every chance he got he destroyed Hilary’s reputation and her political career. Was this ethical? I would say no, but did it work? Yes, obviously.

Have an opinion. Trump had an opinion, many opinions, and what this did was make a clear side for people to get on. It immediately divided the people and created massive controversy. What is it that you rememeber about the campaign? Which one of his opinions do you recall the most? Probably either:

  • Build a wall
  • Muslims are not getting into the country
  • Mexicans are rapists

Now, I don’t believe in any of his opinions but how did it help Donald? It got him free advertising. After stating his opinions, because the were so radical and he had such a big following, he got free advertising. It gave him MASSIVE amounts of free advertising. All because he decided to pitch authenticity and have an opinion.


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