Know your audience.


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Where are you located? Do you know the people in your area that are looking fsilhouetteor what your selling or promoting? Listen, you need to know your audience. Understand them. Where do they hang out? It can’t be that hard to find. Most cities are set up the same way. They are either at home, at the office, or out spending money. However, the you find out about where they live, where they work, and how they spend their money, the more informed you will be when it comes time to sell or promote your product.

Who is your audience? Dude if you don’t know your audience then pick one. Start eliminating the outsiders that are not going to be your customer. Do this everyday. Eventually you WILL be in front of your target audience and start 10x’ing you time spent throughout your day. Gain information and translate that data into sales. You can literally turn it into a math equation. What is the best way to market your product? Probably the internet! I mean let’s be real here. The internet enables you to get in front of every single person in the world basically. The people with money any ways, and the people with money are looking to spend it on something with value. Create that value, and turn it into a product or service.

Know your audience, be authentic, and start getting in front of your customers.

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