If your not consistent, you’re dead in the water!


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Is the title of this post true to you or not? How do you feel when you read this, “If you’re not consistent, you’re dead in the water”! Do you feel the pinch of truth in this statement? I hope you do, as I do. What does is say to you? Are you finding yourself stagnant, void of motion? Void of motion in the right direction? Because its impossible to be void of motion. That is the only truth I know of – change. Everything is constantly changing. Perhaps very slowly, so slow it is not visible. However, the subtleties are what transforms matter. Time is a major factor here, and you can bet, change is always occurring.

How can we see the stagnant part of our lives when we are looking for change? Of course, I only speak from my own experiences, but putting ink to paper is the best course of action I have taken in locating stagnation in my life. This means doing an audit on your daily activities. Studying your daily routine and being completely honest with yourself about it will open up new insights into your life. These are windows into your soul. Yes, your soul. So take head when studying these insights.

The profound nature of you human ability to adapt to strenuous environment will propel you to have success and experience things imaginable. Take hold of your innate ability to cope with harsh environments, as it waits patiently for you to awaken this power within.

Go! Be Free! And Live Your Dreams People!

Thanks for reading.

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